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Kristen | gezellig-girl.com

I realize I'm just another person giving you more bean advice, but I never EVER got good results with dried beans until I started cooking them with salt right from the very start, thusly: http://cookforgood.com/basic_beans_recipe.html


I totally feel your pain. My husband makes the most delicious black beans, but I can hardly ever get the same results...even when I follow exactly the same directions.

He just follows the directions on the bag. He soaks them overnight. Then, about two hours before dinner time, he rinses them and then covers them with six cups of water. He crushes some garlic, sprinkles in some cumin and salt, and then brings them to a boil. Then he simmers them with the lid tilted for two hours. He begins checking them with about 15 minutes of cooking time left. Sometimes he needs to add more water, but usually, six cups is the right amount of water.

Good luck!!


On one website about soaking grains and beans to reduce the phytates, it says to soak with an acidic medium - so I did. I boiled the black beans for three days and they never got soft. Then an Indian friend told me that the ACV or any acid in beans prevents them from ever softening. I don't know if you've been adding ACV (or if anyone else ever uses ACV successfully) but wanted to pass it along.

I think we all have a dish that kicks our butts. Mine is that I find myself frequently forgetting something out too long and then wondering if it is still good. Last night I started cooking a roast for deli roast beef. The directions said to put the roast in 250f oven for 30 min and then reduce heat to 150f and cook until internal temp was 140. I put it in while we were making supper, turned it down to 150, and then forgot about it until this morning! The internal temp was just 140 so I thought it was bad, having been in the danger zone overnight. Thank goodness for the TX Food Safety dept, which told me there's an exception for roasts - they have to be 130 or higher for 2 hours, and can cook slowly at the low temp. I did not want to have to throw away another expensive meal!

Kirsten Slade

Kristen - Advice is always appreciated, and I didn't know about that website! Looks like it is loaded with useful information for me;)

Carmen - some people just have the magic touch. At least you are married to one!

Shannon - ACV is apple cider vinegar?

Kirsten Slade

@Carmen again - that totally sounded like you don't have the magic touch when it comes to anything!!! Not what I meant;)


I think you should re-title this post "In which I practice, a lot." ;)

I only cook pinto beans, wanting to try others as well for the same reasons as you. Pintos took me a handful of times to get right and now, yum!

I'm with you Mama, YOU CAN DO IT!

(btw-yeah for the new blog!)

Kirsten Slade

Dawn, I need a little of your perspective! A daily dose would be nice - I miss you!!!


Kirsten - HA! My magic touch is pretty limited. But I'm okay with that. I can fold a mean towel. ;-)

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