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YES! YES! You go girl(s)!


Three or four days! Is it weird/gross that I'm a little jealous of that? Mine are at least twice that. :C

Kirsten Slade

Really?!?! Well, I guess if three or four is the average, someone's got to be out on the long end of that. Mine can actually be pretty short, but short generally equals a more Niagara Falls-esque flow. I could also do with out my monthly episode of "Am I seriously going down a dank hole of crazy?!?!" before checking the date and realizing it's "just PMS".

mater & Pater (the old 'pear')

How time flies:)


Mine is about 7! 3-4 would be so nice. I just recently gave up disposable pads. But, am having a hard time because I have a heavy flow. Any suggestions?

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