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August 17, 2007


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I don't have the luxury of anonymity - or namesakes as alibis. When you Google me, you get me. Or you find out why my blog is called The Waterhole. I wish I'd thought about that before I started plastering my name all over the web, making stupid comments left, right and centre. I was just thinking about it today, how much better my writing would be if I were anonymous (or didn't have a psycho ex). But anyone with half a brain can track me down so I feel like I have to keep it clean and respectable. Damn Google. The stories I could tell...

Rebecca H.

You are apparently also a bass player. Rockin'. Though I did find out how much your bought your last home for and also your old phone number.

My name is a quite common one, so in using google I had to go to the 10th page of hits before I found something that pointed to me. The name that I've used as a user name in several different fora is also a hard one to trace.

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