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November 02, 2007


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Rebecca H.

I like your approach to the candy - letting her regulate a limited resource seems like it'll work well for her. (and I loooove the costume)


I'd have endured one of those rowing machines... just for Victoria Beckham.

Why do I care?!?!?!

Sarah K

Did you bump up the resistance on the elliptical? If its too low you get the hamster on the wheel effect and poop out before your time.
Just a thought.

triple P

You know, I have no idea what was happening with the resistance or anything. The controls were not particularly user-friendly.

Sarah K

Next time try the arrow buttons that say 'level' or something to that effect and start at 8 or so. Or, heck, find that surly gym rat in the Y t-shirt who's supposed to help you and make her or him work!

triple P

Our surly gym rat is a very well-coiffed ex-television star pushing 80. He LOVES to chat (about himself) and help out and chat (about himself) some more.

I'm going to try that level 8 thingamagig.

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