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December 14, 2007


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Sarah K

Ah, Baltimore! Doesn't surprise me a bit that John Waters found a wee baby--probably had a number of screen tests to choose from.
What stuck with me from Female Trouble was the castration scene. ((shiver))


I lost count how many times my kids watched that video of your family. I can't believe how perfectly your heads went with those characters. And I mean that completely as a compliment.


That was sooo funny. Violet & I had a good laugh watching it. We enjoyed Kid Nation too. Interesting how some of those kids "hated" learning and yet what a very "unschooly" learning type of experience they had... Hope you enjoyed thrifting...when I'm walking again that'll be one of the first places I hit! : )
Hope you're all well and enjoying the Holidays, you'll have to come for another visit soon!

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