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January 04, 2008


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Rebecca H.

Solution: get a contrasting color of the cashmerino. Unravel a bit of the finished one - enough to match the nearly-done one. And then finish them both with the new yarn. Design feature!

triple P

I have thought of that but, unless there is some secret method I've yet to discover, unraveling a bound off edge always gives me the biggest headache. There must be a knack to it...

I'm holding out hope that this extra skein I ordered will come through...otherwise, I may just unravel the unfinished one, knit a partner to the finished one in a complimentary color, and then use the unraveled one to start a matching mis-matched pair in a slightly smaller size for a smaller set of hands.


those are so cute.
im sad the lys ladies have disappointed you.


I just looked at Ravelry (are you on there yet?) and there are several people with this yarn in their stash that are have it for sale or trade. It runs about 8.50 if you wanna straight buy it from them. If you do and you're not on Rav. let me know and I'll facilitate...and shit.



oh yeah, also, they're lovely. I might have to make a pair for my mom, i only ever make her stuff out of my wacky yarn, she might light something a big more sophisticated. How do you like that, you're sophisticated.

triple P

Hey J!!!!

I'm not on Ravelry (yet?). I feel like my knitting output is too piddly.

I actually got an email yesterday afternoon, saying my yarn had shipped, so I think I'm all set. Just hope it really is the right color, etc. But thanks for the offer to facilitate;)

I want to see that dress made out of your eyeball yarn on a model. It's really something!!!

Smooches to you and the family xxx

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