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March 09, 2008


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Have you ever read any of Alexander Mcall Smiths?. The No1 Ladies Detective Agency Series / The Isabel Dalhousie Philosophy Series? They are just pure easy reads. Very enjoyable & usually completed on day of purchase. Completely agree with you on John Irving. Was Widow for one Year, the one where the guy wrote the Childrens Books? I think I vaguely remember that. Wasnt great. Just finished Yoga School Drop Out by Lucy Edge. I really enjoyed that, but then again I like Yoga and I know you dont! ;) Watch you dont break your back lugging The Count around in your bag all year :)

Rebecca H.

I usually do plod through - even though I may be bored or hating it, I have to know what happens! As for poseur books, I had one of those in high school: I dragged along a copy of Goedel, Escher, Bach hoping that someone would notice and comment on how bright I must be for reading such advanced material. And do you know why I even had that book? Because the boy I was majorly crushed out the summer before was reading it. He was a college boy, you see, and therefore was to be emulated. (Reader, I Married Him.)

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