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June 22, 2008


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Uhh . . . assuming it is a bet, I want to meet the person who won. Who says "I tell ya what, Marvin, if you lose you have to shave your chest hair like a bikini top and the go to the beach and walk your dog"? I have to stay far, far away from that man.


ROFL! I agree with the bald man, this is very peculiar! And I'd stay away. Heehee. On a positive note, you look awesome! So does mini-mini pear!

Rebecca H.

I saw another picture of a man with that variety of chest hair 'do. Maybe it's a meme. But really, more importantly belly shot!!! So cute!


So, Jeff and I are laughing at this guy in the picture again. Then we think maybe he didn't want chest hair showing in the 'v' of a shirt or something (nice gold chain?) Then we were reminded of scruff from the top of a shirt...which led to Beverly Hills Cop and Serge (ruffling his chest)saying something like: That's not sexy, it's animal; it's like a dog, to scrub for the customer! Take it off.


hiya! nice belly pic! xoxo

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