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June 25, 2008


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Lisa B-K

Well, he could be Baby Pear for awhile. Then Toddler Pear. Then Annoying Little Brother Pear (though the age difference and the homeschooling will eliminate a lot of that).

Love the quilt ideas. I remember some quilts you posted photos of years ago and recall being agog at your talent.


That quilt is gorgeous, however you end up laying it out. Very nice.

Also, I have had tremendous success with Motherease covers as well as the diapers. I do use the covers over a few prefolds that are in our rotation, and they usually work just fine, as long as I don't let the diaper be up too high in the back (fold it a bit shorter) These are basically the only covers I've ever had, and they are still holding strong through the second kid.

And also? I am enjoying reading your blog very much :) Followed your link on the AU list. Good luck with baby!


I have to agree with the mother-ease. My boys did not lack in velocity OR leg chub. They also are snap on, so the velcro was never an issue. They had a shop in El Cajon when Kai was young...maybe it's still there?

I love the quilt...and I like the mini diamonds...my .02

I still think that mini pear is beautiful...even when blurry! Kai's going through a no pic phase right now too. Have they been talking?!

Rebecca H.

How about Seckle Pear?

So nice to see a quilt project of yours again. I love the colors!

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