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September 13, 2008


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Our thoughts are with you buddy - - sending good thoughts and love your way! Bet it's tonight!!

Rebecca H.

You are *so* near the finish line on this pregnancy! Yay! Am eagerly awaiting the good news :)






the last few days are such a mindf***. hang in there. he'll be out and running the household soon.


Whoo Hooo...Go Girl!!! You can do it!!

High fives for VBACs all around!

I'm "pushing" (hee, hee) for ya! Not so funny? Ok how about...have you been listening to any music? Maybe the Dixie Chicks?? You know...Wide Open Spaces ;)
Oh my, it's late~ Off to bed...

Wishing you all the best, mama~



waiting on that first pic...best birthing vibes to you dearie

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