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September 19, 2008


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Can't beat the facial hair! Didn't you ever wonder what it would be like? I so remember. Maybe it's because my main friends were guys (even down to my imaginary friend that I said goodbye to when I was 6). Who knows?! It's still pretty cute. Give each other a squeeze from us!


Oh, I was so sure!! Let's hope this not-to-be hurried birth means your son is very patient, gentle and laid back. But where would he get those traits? :)


And, oh, your daughter looks so much like your husband with that facial hair. Very cute.


She needs to be on the 118 118 Directory Enquiries Adverts looking like that!!! :O) x

Rebecca H.

How much to I love that child???? And special message to Mr. Baby: come out come out!


I'm trying to be patient with you, I really am... REFRESH, REFRESH, REFRESH...

At least its not a Sharpy this time! [ we just got back from the Spring Valley swap meet and in one of those "Every Thing's a Dollar" booths were packages of Chinese Sharpy knock-offs labeled: SHAPELY'S! :-) ]

triple P

I can't guarantee the olive oil trick will work with SHAPELY'S;)

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