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September 23, 2008


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maybe the hospital sent that last email out to deliberately get you riled up and induce labor!


Want me to go talk with them?! Hang in there...we are sending calm, soothing thoughts.


AJ cooked for over 2 weeks past his due date...I finally had to set a date for a C. Choose my hubbie's b-day and the individualist that he is....decided to come 2 days earlier~ I'm so thankful you have a supportive doc...hang tight-he's coming!

PS-Loved the pic of Mini and the dog~


Come on Baby Pear, shift your tiny little arse will you. We want to see you and your mummy could do with a break :O) x x x


Ours is due early December. Would you like to start taking bets with us on who's going to make an appearance first. Failing that, we have a can opener that you could borrow?.......x


So....are they still sending home moms with prepackaged formula? Won't surprise me. Hang in there my friend!

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