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November 04, 2008


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Hee, Hee....
A moose or heck just all of them, shoot them all!!!
Ack! Scary~

I personally like P Diddy's statement 4 years ago to the young people of our planet "Vote or Die"

Not too far fetched and they say rappers just care about gold teeth and chains....

Happy Election Day! :)


I'm out there in a few to VOTE...with babes in tow. I've been threatening a huge move if not enough of us go out to do so...


It was so nice to seeyou Monday! Little Dash is sooo cute...next time I want to hold him! : )
Yes, I'm tired of the Yes signs here....will be glad to see them down
Did you hear the crank call to Palin from the Canadian DJs? Priceless. Here's the link in case you have a moment...

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