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November 02, 2008


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Jeez, that list of words even made me cower! And if the words are in the same order taht they happened, that means the meconium happened before the birth?!?!?! Good times . . . but we're glad to see you all doing so well!


Precious D'Anjou is a pretty precious fella. I know the birth story isn't the most ideal, but you DID have a VBAC and you both are pretty healthy and you seem to be healing in a pretty well... So, even though those words up there are kinda scary, they are just words now. You did an awesome job and so did D'Anjou!

BTW, I tried typing with only one hand, but found what you seem to have found - it's great to nurse with boy and not have to worry about this silly machine. Your worth the wait!


I've been checking for an update ;) but agree that multi-tasking could be challenging. Congrats on the VBAC - even with the naughty words tossed in!

take care!!

triple P

Jeff - are you insinuating I shit the bed????

Randi!!!! 5 weeks! I'm so excited for you both!


love the pic. I hope that he is always able to crack you up.

mater & Pater (the old 'pear')

Whatever is he thinking!!....'well, c'mon World, impress me'!!


What a sweet lil punkin, glad you are doing/feeling better now~

Rebecca H.

He looks so different already! And man, just the words you used to bring up your birth story... scary stuff, man. I'm so glad that you are both doing so well.

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