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December 25, 2008


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Merry Christmas!!

They are so cute~



OMG! How precious are those two?!

Love the idea of unwrapped gifts. I will see if the boys would like that :)

The flying turtles are here at our home...so we will be doing some funky riding around ourselves! I'm sure you'll be hearing me shout "I'm next" from just about anywhere...

Merry, merry!

Anne & Skylar

Hi Kirsten, I found your blog. I just started one and it's a brave new blogging world out there! Your baby is getting so big! I love your posts, they have made me laugh. See you at park day soon :)


We're on three generations now of Santa not leaving wrapped gifts. My mom and uncle in the 50's and 60's, then me and now Flint. Surprised the heck out of Adam too. Apparently Santa took the time to wrap each of his gifts. I'm with Mini-Pear, what a waste! (of precious new-toy playing time)

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