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January 29, 2009


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Oh, god, this is so much like me. I've noticed that I get a LOT of email from places I've ordered, so I have started immediately taking myself off of those emails. I've been deleting them for so long that I didn't really see them anymore. All the piles in my house are driving me crazy!


so i detest clutter too...i mean, i hate it. i got into an email tiff w/ my mother who is staying in my house in aruba b/c she loves clutter and was cluttering up my house and i had to ask her to stop. did not go over well. so glad for you that you are moving and can seize the day and dejunk yourself a bit more. i loved when we moved 3 mos ago...i totally destashed. also, cannot find/remember the name of our movers. sorry :(


"ephemera"? That's a word I've never heard! How about a word of the day post?

I want to de-clutter, too and am slowly taking steps. But I've been doing the junk mail/email canceling, too and it feels great.

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