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March 25, 2009


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We fried, too.

Glad to hear you have that large water heater! You deserve that pampering, ya know.


Please tell if you find a good one...we picked up some Burt's Bees the other day and I quote AJ "This stuff makes me look purple and gives me a headache" I kindly told him it was natural (not having tried it myself)....after a few hours wearing it at the WAP today, I am returning it tomorrow and begging for my children's forgiveness :)


Ooookaaaayyyy..where the heck are my comments...I just left a juicy one about sunscreen and how I longed for a great recommendation. I posted it and poof, it has dissapeared...

triple P

I've heard good things about California Baby's sunscreen - however yesterday I tried Henry's, Jimbo's and Magical Child here in town and couldn't find it.

I'm going to check out one more source today. I was hoping Mienssence would have one, as they use food grade organic ingredients, but although they have lots of other lotions and potions, no sunscreen;(

triple P

duh...that's Miessence (a brand, not a store)...


One time I had a baby in a sling and he pretty much nursed the entire time we were at the park so that half his forehead and one cheek burned. I think he was about three months old at the time. I smeared aloe vera and breastmilk on the burn and by the next day it was much better.

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