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April 21, 2009


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Oh man! That's steep!
Saturn is having some lovely "deals" right now...


That's really expensive. We just replaced Adam's with a trusty Costco one. They replace them repeatedly under warranty. Its really nice. But you know, its still less expensive to fix an old car (yes, even repeatedly) than to drive a new one off the lot. Of course that's not counting your precious time. So sorry you had such a yucky time after the pool. We were spent after that hot day in the sun. And Flint's cheek's are rosy like mini-pear's. Did d'anjou sleep like sack of pears? :)

triple P

It's crazily steep!

We usually just replace them ourselves (okay, not me, but Mr. Pear). He marched down there and talked them down from their fantasy-land pricing;)


spare a thought for your nice mechanic who has to be there whenever you need him, has to keep those batteries in stock,and test your system to make sure it's just the battery and not the alternator, starter or stator, open your hood, unbolt that acid crusted mess, remove it and replace it with a shiny new one. he has to keep abreast of modern technology for when you finally upgrade to a six year old bus

triple P


All that's his job though, isn't it? I'm not asking him as a favor - I'm happy to pay a reasonable amount for a job well done.


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