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May 14, 2009


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There is a diaper that has flushable inserts. Whole Foods used to cary them, i'm not sure if they still do. I'm afraid I can't remember the name so not much help....

triple P

G-diapers! We actually tried them out when d'anjou was small. I didn't like how the covers fastened in the back (designed by someone who does not have a wiggly baby), but we used the inserts in regular Thirsties covers.

To that end, I bought some TenderCare (wood pulp! made in USA!) disposables at our local hippy grocery store and a pack of g-diaper inserts to use in our cloth covers. I may not bring any cloth at all (kind of skeeved by the idea of rinsing poopies in hotel toilets).

Kind of? Totally.

He's in a TenderCare now, testing it out for any allergic reactions.

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