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June 23, 2009


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Generic Food Politics Cliffs Notes: eat mostly a plant based diet, source out local food, buy organic, the import/export ratios are ridiculously out of balance, support native/heritage foods and shun the chains and homogenization, don't buy into the diet fads and health claims, we are overfishing to extinction, the cost of food transport in petro-chemical terms is outlandish, farm subsidies hurt more than help, eat real food not chem-food, when choosing meat avoid feed lot animals, grow your own, eat less, better yet try to just exist on water (but beware because that is tainted and comes in BPA leaching bottles.) Oh, and Bon Apetit!

Go watch some more Real Housewives. Its good for ya.

triple P

Sahara ~

I love you (and your chickens)!

triple P

oh...and, see I know most of that stuff already;)

I'm not sure I need another hand wringing read that keeps me up all night worrying, worrying, worrying. The last couple of issues of National Geographic are doing that already (mostly about our water/food scarcity).

...sigh...the ostriches are onto something.


Hey! If you want some really crap TV, what America's Got Talent cuz my band (yes, you read that right) will be on it some time this season. They keep showing it in the previews so I don't think it got editted out. Yay, I'm in a Afro-Brazilian, samba-reggae, all women percussion band. There are about 50 of us and the band auditioned just after I joined in Jan. so I didn't make it in the line up then. But I did play the 9:30 Club last Saturday opening for Los Amigos Invisibles and will play Ft. Reno this Monday. The most fun I've ever had!
xo to you and yours,



Wait until he starts climbing on top of the kitchen table and dancing...oh wait, mine still do that! I (head down in shame) love reality too...


If the tv were ever on a show I want to see...well, it would be West Wing re-runs...sorry. But pretty much that unrealistic kind of reality, reality. :) Get ready to run...and we'll try and hand water (in glass bottles as to not have BPA) to you as you pass by. Sahara is the best, and she sums up things really well and I am thankful because now I too am spared the worrying and hand wringing reading TOD would cause. Miss you so. Hope we catch up soon. And I hope you don't have too much interesting on the top shelves of your bookcases. But, hey, he's so cute! Wave!


i too have been mesmerised by the ill-educated rich sluts of new jersey, i commend you on your taste. how they have the audacity to parade their superficial petty squabbles without a moments.....oh sorry, i'm really not that bothered. on the subject of food, eat what your body asks for not your mind, remember, sweet things are usually natures medium for copulation of the pedestrian. don't be distracted by green earth arguments, the problems are with the greenback , why, when world workers wages are being decimated ,in this global crisis, are bankers bonuses once again vaulting skyward?


The best part of the book is what he learned at Polyface Farms- really, really interesting and helpful info. Google the farm and skip the book. Who needs hand-wringing when we've got Real Housewives?

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