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September 07, 2009


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Oh, I'm so flattered! ;)

I forget you havn't lived here ALL YOUR LIFE...and don't know about cool things like Thrifty's (aka Rite Aid) and the infamous ice-chunked ice-cream. I grew up on choc malted crunch...good times, indeed.

It has been cooler here too, we were up on Palomar Mountain (been there? need a car for that one! Home of the bad ass Observatory) and it was cool, dare I say crisp in the shade.

Bummer about the car, keep on keepin' on lil' Saturn! Hope it's not too pricey (!) but sounds like it's in good hands, giving out free gelato and all :)

Have a lovely rest of the day~

PS-You are putting me to shame with all these posts...my poor, neglected blog! I think I am going to plan to maybe be inspired. Yes, maybe! :p


We love our local RiteAid/Thrifys ice cream counter, looks exactly like the one you got there. Makes for a nice afternoon cool off treat when we're out and about running errands, and conveniently across the street from our little library. And, definately not as pricey as the Coldstones further down! Good luck with the car. See you tomorrow!!!! ps I enjoy your Yay/boos as well, always so entertaining!

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