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October 10, 2009


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Depending on the day I have different responses to those types of busy body conversations. Today would have been a STFU day.


p.s. I love how your maladjusted homeschooler speaks intelligently in front of crowds on her passion for karate, compliments my child on his Nana's lovely furniture, and is generally a joy to be around. I wish I was a bit more maladjusted, I know I'm no joy to be around right now. ;)


You're obviously more evolved than I am, because I would have had a difficult time remaining as calm as you. It's like the myth perpetuates itself. It's a viral myth! Maybe there's a vaccine? Oh, yeah, it's called COMMON SENSE.


I always get "I would never have the patience for it" (homeschooling). Yet, people have the patience to raise their children the first 5 years of their lives...well, I guess maybe they don't, lots are dumped off at daycare at 6 weeks old....

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