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November 09, 2009


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I have noticed the same thing, that I rarely use my cookbooks any more, I'm much more likely to ask google to find me something to cook. I have managed to reduce my cookbooks from almost 100 to about 50, but I need to cull more.


:) Hehe, I've noticed the same thing Epicurious.com is one of my favorites, you can save recipes there and the ones I've found there turn out pretty well. And yes, in the comments section people are often useless. Crazy substitutions and low ratings because their unique recipe didn't turn out as expected. I've been craving rice pudding too. I have a really yummy Swedish rice breakfast porridge recipe that came from my American Girls cook book from when I was a kid. I've got to go see where that old book is. I'll be interested in how a quinoa version turns out.

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