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November 17, 2009


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Hugs, friend...it will happen (that sleep stuff) again and you'll be a ok again. Till then, I don't mind having partial conversations with you about, well, you know, things. We can make great comic relief for each other!

Rebecca H.

Oh, you *know* I feel your pain on this one. And I've not been experiencing it for a year, just several months. May this go away for both of us and soon.


sounds like lead poisoning to me , but seriously, how's your diet , you're pupating into becoming a 'mother', the final stage of human life where you call things by a similar but ridiculous word, say no without reason, in fact act totally unreasonable, become over protective and overbearing , you're becoming your mother.
Hitler was a 'mother', any thoughts on Poland.


Scary to admit but I do some of that stuff with 7 plus hours of sleep!! Wishing for some good zzzz's for you soon and I likey the title pic :)


I've been chalking those things (I'm doing these all too!) up to chronic stress. I get decent sleep in terms of hours/night so I'm guessing serious stress is doing it to me. Like Beachbum, I'm happy to have brief nonsensical conversations with you and we can just refer to each other as "hey you!" and I won't be offended.

Or even better, I'd be happy to take the little pears for a bit (we can go down to your nearby park or something) and you can sleep at home for a while. (Have you seriously thought of asking for some type of regular relief like that, I'm sure a bunch of us would be happy to help. Goodness knows I've had to humble myself and accept help lately)

In return, I ask you to force the ex to sign the #%&*ing divorce papers, call the utility co's and make a strong case that I deserve some bill forgiveness, and explain to Nana for the 1 millionth time that she needs to rest and not pace and there isn't a guy outside her window. Oh, wait this is your pity-fishing blog post! ;)

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