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November 12, 2009


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kate Hagen

i heart that picture very much.

Pete (on the Slade variety)

Why, why, why... loved Watership Down when I was a kid, no adult who enjoys sleeping and a modicum of empathy should ever read it. Put the film on then leave the room. I come close to bleating when I read that, so it's your own damn fault. I have to say that picture absolutely rocks.
Much love......... soon
ps Can experiment on you and my niece when I visit?


I must comment on Watership Down as well as our bro. I find it disturbing that it's on for Easter in England. How do you eat a chocolate bunny and watch their plight!?! How?! How?!

mater & Pater (the old 'pear')

....and have 'Bright Eyes' playing in the background!!


I'm thinking about reading watership down next! How awesome!

Rebecca H.

That photo wins everything.

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