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January 05, 2010


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my parents had a roll of plastic wrap from Costco my entire life.......and it was always a pain in the butt (and never fit in our drawer either!) and irritated me more than I'd ever care to admit.. :)


OMG, now I'm going to be bothered more than I care to admit that you have an orphaned food wrap product out of its proper place! ;) (and I'm also going to admit that I'm on my way right now to check on how my costco plastic wrap from 3 years ago is fitting into its home.)


p.s. you might already have immortality! calling it 'tin foil' dated you by about 50 years, but I just saw you recently and you don't look a day over 25.


It's a beast of thing huh??

mater & Pater (the old 'pear')

yes, my costco plastic wrap fits in the 'proper' drawer but the foil has to go on a shelf in the cupboard!.....it's the little things in life!

triple p


When's the last time you had *your* eyes checked?

I don't think I looked 25 ten years ago (when I was 26!).

Have I told the story of my college crush? He was leaning in for what I thought was the big kiss, and instead he just cocked his head, examined my crows feet, and remarked, "Boy, you have a lot of eye wrinkles!"

Got over that one quick.


OMG! No way. What a jerk! I beg to differ on your assessment of your aging process, you are beautiful and you looked amazing in your bikini this summer too. College dude lost out! Mr. P won the 20-something immortal triple p! :)

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