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February 03, 2010


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Happy Happy Birthday to mini-pear! I know....10 seems like such a big jump! Looks like she had a fantastic day and Violet is really looking forward to seeing her on Saturday!

Rebecca H.

I am so unaccustomed to seeing posed photos of her that combined with the new 'do I wasn't sure that really *was* mini in that photo. Sounds like the perfect birthday day!


TEN! Wow. What really made me smile is that she still enjoys playing with Playmobil. Happy birthday to your sweet girl and happy birthing day to you!

mater & Pater (the old 'pear')

Happy birthday to our darling 'little biddy'! What a fun day we shared last Sunday, especially the ending with our frozen yoghurt sundae's on the beach:)
Sounds like a fun time was had with all of the friends helping to celebrate too!
Love the beautiful flower garland on your head!

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