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August 16, 2010


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I love/hate the ones that say it's in the driveway/alley/on the sidewalk first come first served. Love because I would totally do the same with most stuff, hate cuz when I want something there is no way I can be the first one to OB! :) Good luck with your stuff and btw-the billboards never said nice people just nice weather ;)


I love your snarky sense of humor. I love that you say exactly whats on your mind.... I'm so glad I'll get to continue to read you, even though you're far away! 8 days! OMG! Gonna miss you all dearly!


Maybe the guy from the dog park is the moderator of SD Freecycle...

Green  V-Neck

Love purging! Uhhh, STUFF, that is, not the drank-too-much-the-night-before type of purging. We are only gonna be 3.5 hours away, I foresee an actual IRL meeting at some point, what do you think?

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