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October 05, 2010


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I! Am! So! Excited! To! See! What! You! Find!!! ;)

Shane Adams

Those are cool tips if you're going to let your kids go along with you when you're house hunting. They'll play a big part in choosing too, because there are times when kids don't like a new place the moment they step in it. It takes time for them to adjust. Wouldn't it be better if they liked the place from the get-go? =)

Gloria Vanderheyden

I had fun reading this. But then again, I have to agree with Shane. Letting your kids go along with you can also help you choose that house you've always wanted. Oh, and good luck finding that perfect house.

Randolph Coleson

Good luck with the hunting! And, yeah, taking the kids in those trips can be useful. You can get an unbiased opinion of the neighborhood from your kids who aren't looking for a house. It can be like a game, or an adventure for them.

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