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October 01, 2010


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all that light coming in is so nice to have.i like the wooden horse in background, did you have that here as well?


So wonderful!

triple p

We've had the wooden horse for a few years now and it's a funny story how we came across it. We were walking home from dinner in Georgetown (DC) and Mini Pear spied it sticking out of a dumpster outside someone's home renovation. It's solid! And heavy! I can't remember if Mr. Pear carried it home, or if he came back with the car, but he definitely hefted it up 3 flights of stairs to our apartment;) He lost an ear a couple of moves ago, and never had any front legs, but we love him.


Oooh, I love the wall color! It's so happy and fresh. Similar to our upstairs landing area and some walls in the art room/guest room/exercise room ;)

I can't tell you how happy I am for you all!

"Our days here are slower and it feels really, really good." My heart fluttered when I read this. I yearn for this and I can feel it coming!

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