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Donna Gonzalez

Love your blog! I am from Dallas and ride the bus with my unschooled children. It started when my car was in the shop and was consequently pronounced dead. I love it and am happy that Austin has a good system. Even cheaper than our 4.00 day pass!!

Tomorrow I am going with my husband for a job interview in Austin. Good chance we will move from Dallas. We currently live in the middle of the city on two acres, which we bought CHEAP!! We are an Unschooling Family, and I would love to know which general parts of Austin people like us live in. Learning that housing is much more expensive in Austin. Feel free to email me.

Kevyn Hagemann

Good for you. For most people, public transpo can be a hassle, and it takes some getting used to with the kids and all. You get to stretch out your legs once in a while, yes, which is helpful if you're not an exercise buff. But keeping a car is handy, too.

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