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Lisa Oakes

Keep me posted. I am sipping on my store bought kambucha everyday wondering when I will get around to making it. I've been distracted by charcuterie and my new meat grinder. Not the health choice I can assure you.....

Sahara Violet

Been brewing for a few years and honestly don't like my own brew very much. I like GT's and can't get mine that yummy even after all this time. GT's has me spoiled I guess. :( Maybe I'll learn from your trials? I do have a couple tips though. First, don't be afraid to taste test to learn all the flavors it goes through. It can't get "overdone" if it is, you can use it like vinegar in dressings. Underdone is just sweet tea. Not a science as much as an art. Read Wild Fermentation. Its a great book and the message is you can't really screw this stuff up. If its nasty, smells bad etc, don't consume it. Pretty simple. ;)

Possible next step for you after kombucha... water kefir! I adore my water kefir grains. I make yummy dry fizzy probiotic brew that I do a secondary fermentation with homegrown orange juice added. Holla if you want me to send you out some grains, or you might find them local. They are not the same as milk kefir grains with I also have and love.

Good luck with the kombucha K! I love culturing and fermenting and would love to talk about it anytime!

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