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I just did a flip for you!

Virtual hugs and high fives all around, such good news!

XO :)


Excellent good! Congrats!

Nicole's blog

I read your blog entry and I am so thrilled by the manner you make your blog post! How exactly do you inform your readers that you shared a fresh blog article to this website?


I am actually trying to research some of the history of this neighborhood. I had the chance to tour the lot at shady and 7th where there are very old foundations that have been partially excavated. Now that you are there, have you run across anyone who might know more about the history there? I am very intrigued and can't find any information about the specific spot, but I have read the history of the area back prior to the civil war. I would love any contact or help that you run across as you settle there. kauffman@yahoo.com

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