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mater & Pater (the old 'pear')

can't beat 'being in the moment':)


hi Kirsten! I found your site from your entry on austinperm.com

We have 16 chickens and Sandra Dodds book on radical unschooling. Our daughter is 2 so we are just starting out. My wife and I would LOVE to talke about R.U. with you. I am a software engineer and she is a stay at home everything.

Anyhow, we are about to spend a bit o time and moola on permaculture-ing our front/backyard. Trust me - you want to see what we have. I am contacting you because I would love contract you for a permaculture design and *maybe* the implementation of said design. The maybe comes from getting to know you and your comfort level with managing said implementation. We have a LOT to accomplish but we would love some help and to make a new like minded friend - ESP about the R.U.

Lets get together.


Kirsten Slade

Hey Cory,

Thanks for getting in touch. There's a great unschooling community here in Austin. We host weekly park days, support meetings and other get togethers.

I'd love to chat about working with you on a design that works for your property.

Hit me up with a message via facebook and we can arrange a time to meet up!


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